What is “APTITUDE SCORE”?  It is the score a cadet earns based on how they perform every day in every arena. A HIGH APTITUDE SCORE is earned by executing a consistent, daily demonstration of OUTSTANDING behavior and performance in Important Areas, as evaluated from the US Navy and the Navy Instructor’s which are authorized to lead the program.


The Important Areas include:


  1. The Highest ACADEMIC achievement in ALL COURSES a cadet is enrolled in OTHER THAN NJROTC;

  2. The Highest APTITUDE achievement in ALL areas WITHIN THE NJROTC Program.  “ALL AREAS” include the following:

  1. Outstanding completion and submission of NJROTC homework assignments and completion of exams and quizzes;

  2. Outstanding participation with your platoon in the classroom, performance on the drill pad, and in physical fitness;

  3. Outstanding Citizenship in ALL classes and throughout campus, (your Attitude, Daily Attendance, Cooperation with Teachers, Counselors, Administrators, Coaches, Security and maintenance personnel).  This point goes toward the image others have of the Navy’s program.

  4. Outstanding Community Service and Volunteer Record;

  5. Outstanding Teamwork as seen in your participation on NJROTC teams at competitions and during community events, parades and services;

  6. Outstanding and consistent Uniform preparation and personal Grooming.  This point goes to Image the Naval Uniform represents to the community both On and Off campus;

  7. Outstanding personal physical fitness achievement;

  8. Outstanding School Spirit as seen in your participation in school Clubs and Sports;

  9. Outstanding Punctuality to all appointed classes and assignments;

  10. Strong Cross-Functional growth in areas of Fine Arts (Band, Choir, Theatre, Stage Crew)

  11. Strong “Forward-Looking” vision for your life as seen in your daily efforts to achieve mastery in every area in order to successfully prepare for a highly successful life and career.


The following three Rules, therefore, will be followed and enforced consistently in CHAFFEY NJROTC:

  1. Advancements will be given to those who consistently demonstrate Outstanding APTITUDE.

  2. Medals and awards will be given to those who consistently demonstrate Outstanding APTITUDE

  3. Leaders will be selected from those who consistently demonstrate Outstanding APTITUDE.


Our goal is to encourage EVERY cadet in the Chaffey NJROTC Program to strive for great success in high school, in the NJROTC program and in Life.  However, every award, every advancement and every recognition will be issued only After Cadets Have Earned Them.


The academic topics which cadets will be studying and going over in class for the second semester has been issued by NC1 McNeil earlier in the year.  Additional required events include the following:


  1. ANNUAL MILITARY INSPECTION (or AMI).   All Cadets are Required to participate in the Navy’s Annual Military Inspection and Pass In Review, which will be conducted on Thursday, February 13, 2014.  This is a graded item and counts for a large portion of their APTITUDE and Participation grade.  All cadets must be in uniform, which will be inspected from a visiting Naval officer.


  1. NOTEBOOKS.   All Cadets must establish and maintain a Notebook.  A simple, low-cost, 3-Ring Binder or Loose-Leaf Notebook is sufficient.  Notebooks will be graded for the following:

    1. That it exists and is maintained;

    2. That it contains all notes from class, including questions and answers from class lectures;

    3. That is contains the “Vocabulary Word of the Day”, which is placed on the board each day;

    4. That it contains “This Day in History” for both the US Navy and the US Marine Corps – this is also placed on the board daily;

    5. That it contains the cadet’s Username and Password for the Navy’s JROTC  preparation Course for the SAT and ACT preparation Courses;  All cadets must sign up and work through this course.  This will be part of their grade.  Computers may be accessed at the school’s library and computer labs. You may sign up at the following computer link:  http://www.jrotccollegeprep.com/


  1. COUNSELLING. All cadets will receive a Counselling brief from Lieutenant Commander Jones, Senior Naval Science Instructor.  This will be an opportunity to help each cadet, by assessing where they are, where they desire to go, and what areas they need to work on in order to achieve their desired goals.


  1. SPEECHES. All cadets will be required to give a 5 to 7 minute SPEECH.  Their desired topic may be chosen from the NS1, NS2 or NS3 course textbooks.  Cadets, in addition to their SPEECH, must prepare a Three-panel presentation board or a PowerPoint slide show for their selected topic.  Additionally, each cadet must submit a properly formatted essay with at least 250 words which explains the following:

    1. Why they chose that topic;

    2. The history of their chosen topic as it relates to World or US History;

    3. How their chosen topic influenced world events or affairs over the course of history;

    4. What value their chosen topic plays in today’s world, and

    5. How the chosen topic might influence or impact their lives and careers. 


Speeches, with the accompanying 3-panel board or PowerPoint presentation, and 250 (or more) word Essay, will be completed every day, starting on Monday, February 24 and finishing on Friday, March 14. We will devote every day to these speeches.  A total of nine to twelve speeches each day for the entire 15-day period, will be completed in class.  Cadets waiting until the final day to complete their speech will be graded accordingly.  A Sign-Up Sheet showing the topic and the date desired for presenting the topic selected for their speech will be available in class starting Wednesday January 8, 2014.